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Penetrating the hole of ‘Cosmos’

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So, I have decided to spend a part of my day exploring art events in SL. I came across a pretty interesting and down to the point announcement in events; “ACT Designs presents a display of original abstract art penetrating the mysteries of the cosmos.”- by resident Adrian Cardiff.


Compelling announcement. As I teleported in, I was instantly stunned- frozen in place, lagged the hell out of that is. The TP lead right in to the middle of this little gallery, fortunately, so I did not have to to much walking to check it out. I waited a few minutes for all the ‘art’ to rez as I noticed there was nobody around. I was the only visitor. Not even the ‘artist’ himself. Then I thought to myself, truly, what is this display about? I had noticed quite a few pieces scattered on the glass wall, which resembled some sort of computer created imagery which might have represented some kind of cosmos, but which one remains a mystery. Micro? Macro? They looked like a cross-breed of chakras, spider veins and kaleidoscope gone broken.

As I stood there for a while trying to cope, I thought perhaps the artist had announced this display in events and then cleverly played out his anti-social nature by hopefully leaving some sort of a note card giver to explain his concept behind these works of “art”, but none found. I have noticed how cleverly this space was composed though; the overstretched red carpet texture forced me to look up on the walls! Very clever. I could not help to wonder, really, were the poo-brown frames which were imprisoning some of the pieces deliberately placed to take away from the vibrant colors of each piece or to reassure the viewer that those pieces had something in common? And the glass gallery walls….the final spit on aesthetics of this place- showing through the despicable advertisements from the outside which only took away what was to take away from the pieces on display. Then I saw planet Earth spinning on what resembled an inverted push-pin, and Mars and Venus mounted on a stick with a pink satin textured base, spinning harmoniously in one direction at the same speed, titled “Mars and Venus collide”. Tumble weed rolled by. Half an hour later (trust me, I spent that much time there *only* due to lag!) there was still nobody around. I took my last look at this place and disregarded the second thought of hitting the cone shaped teleporter with a hover title “TELEPORT UP TO ACT DESIGNS PENTHOUSE LAMPS, SKETCHES, AND MORE ART”. As I was teleporting out, the artist got detected in range by my wonderful Timeless Gadget. I proceeded to stop myself from verbally attacking him for this experience. I am sure he did not mean it.

The same Display was announced in Events a few hours later. Perhaps this was only a V.I.P. opening….or something..


Written by E

November 29, 2007 at 11:37 pm

2 Responses

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  1. In this display I was exploring the boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable in SL art and its presentation, questioning and undermining preconceptions and standards using techniques such as ambiguity, contradiction, and vagueness. Viewers should have been confused or disturbed or perhaps even just downright annoyed by it. If this review is anything to go by then it was a great success. It’s a pity though that the reviewer didn’t make the effort to teleport upstairs as she missed the most controversial work in the display; so controversial, in fact, that the SL art mafia forced me to take it down. Expect further explorations of a similar nature in the future. You have been warned. Love and peace, Adrian Cardiff.

    Adrian Cardiff

    December 16, 2007 at 4:20 pm

  2. You are encouraged to bring your super-controversial work to any Open Art Critique event. We, unlike ‘the art mafia’ welcome innovation and controversy.

    Eshi Otawara

    December 18, 2007 at 11:10 am

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