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Cienega Soon

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View the show here! (If you haven’t joined Second Life yet, you are missing out, btw.)

Cienega Soon

“Cienega has taken in the beauty of SL and all its talented artists
by taking Second Life Snapshots, but she calls them her SL photo Artistry.
Not having a background in doing post work with a computer program made it difficult to enjoy photo taking in SL as the screen snapshots are basically flat. Depth and layers were missing. Acquiring her first Photoshop program in August of this year she stumbled along experimenting with all its hidden tools. “Accidents are great when you do something exciting to a shot with a new found filter or mix of layers, but not remembering what you did to be able to do it again is very frustrating.” She says. But practice has produced other things and the accidents will happen again for sure. Cienega has her own small Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery with her second story gallery unadvertised. Although seen and received with interest, which brought her to her first showing out side her own gallery. She has just concluded her first invited month long showing at Fantazy Images.
Cienega is also a Music Journalist for The Looking Glass, A new weekly Lifestyle Magazine in SL”

Eshi Otawara: Hi…Not sure how I ended up here. Probably from events..
Cienega Soon: well i am glad you stopped by…

Eshi Otawara: I hope you will say that when I leave. :)
Eshi Otawara: Let’s talk a bit about what you do say in your profile you are FIRST AN ARTIST … SECOND AN ARTIST What does that mean?

Cienega Soon: In my first life and in my second life …its always art for me.

Eshi Otawara: Yes, of course-but…what is ‘art’ to you?

Cienega Soon: All that I create in different mediums, I paint sculpt, stained glass and leather work and SL has allowed me to create here as well.

Eshi Otawara: I wanted to some here to see these unique pieces…just so I don’t miss when they are gone.
Cienega Soon: Thank you.

Eshi Otawara: Your art is- your act of ‘creation’, or is your art the object of your creation?
Cienega Soon: its the object of my creation.. when I start with any thing I stare at it and it gives me direction
Cienega Soon: I don’t direct it
Cienega Soon: as we work together (the object, picture, glass, or anything) there is a time that I feel its need to be released
Cienega Soon: I don’t know what it will be as I start. It’s created by the two of us
Meaning the piece and my self…
Eshi Otawara: that’s great, however, that leads me to another question-Why would I care about your relationship with your objects or creation as a viewer? What purpose can it have for me?
Cienega Soon: It is unique there will never be another one like it …I dont have a pattern to my work-it’s not created with its end in mind.It is only finished when it has no more to say.

Eshi Otawara: Is the purpose of it’s uniqueness decorative? Or is it in the fact that dear little primates (humans) have a compulsive desire to own objects nobody else owns? So the pieces sell…
Cienega Soon: Interesting you say it that way….i know on of the reasons for the exhibits are to sell art …but my reason to make it something from inside me that I cannot stop.
Eshi Otawara: Kind of like a seisure?
Cienega Soon: My reason to create is its my heart inside out…maybe…I create most of my RL enviroment.
Eshi Otawara: as you may have noticed, I am not really here to give publicity, nor to say ‘pretty pictures, nice job’…
Cienega Soon: of course I understand
Eshi Otawara: I am merely seeking purpose, and your statement… I suppose whatI am asking is- these are by-products of your ‘art’ process which is an exchange of creative energy between you and the piece…right?
Cienega Soon: Yes.
Cienega Soon: And the finished piece moves on
Cienega Soon: It’s an expression of my eyes mind … and I don’t concern myself with who likes it or not…
Eshi Otawara: What does it become then? When it moves on…..
Cienega Soon: …a lost friend.
Cienega Soon: Some pictures have deep meaning and they linger.
Cienega Soon: There are some that I will never forget. And some that I am surprised that other people even like. When I was asked to exhibit here i was a little shocked…I didnt know that my work was being looked at in this way..

Eshi Otawara: what is so special about this gallery? lol…I don’t mean that in a codescending way at all…
Cienega Soon: Oh of course not Eshi. This gallery also sells this art work in a RL gallery and also sells it online for RL …framed matted and plexi glass covered ready to hang. The work here on this floor is sold off the wall. All are originals and only this one will be sold copies ever in SL.

Eshi Otawara:Yes, I figured how it goes…
Cienega Soon: ok

Eshi Otawara: You chose SL medium, yet these seem to have been exported, edited and imported back….
Cienega Soon: lol
Eshi Otawara: I wonder, as far as your rendering of these, have you ever considered doing anything esle then 2 dimensional mounts in a 3d world?
Cienega Soon: well all SL screenshots are flat, colorless and no depth.
Cienega Soon: No I only wanted to do 3D in 3D world …I dont care to hang or expose my RL work in a 3D world
Cienega Soon: I feel this is SL and should be artistly approched in its enviroment as an artist living here… so all my work in SL is SL photo artistry and I do use photohsop as my paint brush.
Eshi Otawara:… but then these are not really *only* SL photos…they are sl-rl photo paintings.
Cienega Soon: lol…ok well then it wouldnt be the artistic approch that I have to my art if I only took the screeshots and hung them on the wall. When I pick up glass of many colors I dont just leave it in a pile …I use foil and solder and cut- same with wood it needs to be released from its form when I find it so I carve.
Eshi Otawara: I like your approach to your artistry.
Cienega Soon: Well when i hear someone say “thats not art” it makes me mad
Eshi Otawara: Well, it is *not*.

Cienega Soon: The artist is not making his stuff of onlookers. Its his creation from his who cares what someone else thinks really.
Eshi Otawara: That is true.
Cienega Soon: I can arrange stuff on a mantle and its is my expression of art and design.
Eshi Otawara: Art doesn’t exist (?) outside the realm of artist-object being worked on…I sit here and all I am seeing are pretty pictures. I don’t see what you saw/felt/meant…

Cienega Soon: Well is the defininition of Art the same as the definition of NORMAL…. ??? there is no answer to either… OK …I understand wht you mean…Then there is no pic here that moved you as it did me…and thats OK.
Eshi Otawara: Yeah.
Cienega Soon: so is it not art?
Eshi Otawara: Well,
Cienega Soon: Landscaping is art. Or you can just let the weeds grow.
Eshi Otawara: One can landscape something and I will be able to walk into it, and depending on my choosing- I can choose to immerse or not- and then ART will be that very thing that I ‘experience’ in unity with the piece
Cienega Soon: Let me ask …. did you read the statements with some of the pictures?
Eshi Otawara: No I haven’t felt compelled to know about individual pieces. I saw your rendering was good and IMmed you hoping you’d be composed enough to hold this conversation with me without calling me a bitch and running away- which I am glad you were. :)
Cienega Soon: hahahha
Cienega Soon: no way …your not a bitch at all this is fun.

Cienega Soon: Ok for instance the pic behind you says this in it: The dreaminess of black and white is usually done in shades of gray but when you dream in black and white the gray areas are hard to remember. So toss them aside and enjoy the vivid imaginations of your minds ability to create wonder. Be Amazed!
Cienega Soon: I dont leave my peices naked. I at least give some feeling to the onlooker.
Eshi Otawara: The one behind me?

Cienega Soon: Yes.
Eshi Otawara: ‘Response’?
Cienega Soon: Yes.

Eshi Otawara: Yeah that’s a great piece of text, but I suppose what I am getting at is- when I see the text and the image- they don’t seem to interact well for me…I mean- I see a sexy avatar chick looking up…
Cienega Soon:I see…

Eshi Otawara:… and if I discard the grey, I’d see patches….of course- that statement was not literal though, I understand that…
Cienega Soon: hahah
Cienega Soon: so as an art critic …what does move you?
Eshi Otawara: It is frustrating. I want to fee what you feel about them and I cannot. I don’t know why. The pics are rightly done.
Cienega Soon: You’re an artist and you see only what you would do to change them maybe..
Eshi Otawara: Oh, no. I would not change a bit.
Cienega Soon: OK
Eshi Otawara: I suppose what I am trying to figure out is the relationship between your concept and your subject matter.
Cienega Soon: when I go walking in and out of RL art galleries I dont buy anything … I get inspired maybe thats what you feel.
Eshi Otawara: What in the world does a sexy chick looking up have to do with the statement? I don’t see it- and I am not saying that the reason I don’t see it is because you did something ‘wrong’ here, I am also leaving an option that I am completely devoid of sense for your way of communication…. (did that make any sense?) :)

Cienega Soon: When I took the picture it was a full body in a room. I took out the background, cropped her body off and over exposed it…It was not a good pic in color. It looked deeper to me in B/W…and as I was messing with it Ii saw the less it had the more it said. It became a statement of black and white.

Eshi Otawara: oh I get the way it communicated to you, but I don’t get the way it communicates to me. In this case- you communicated the concept to me via notecard…

Cienega Soon: well then it wouldnt be a piece for you …maybe not anyone would feel something from it.
Eshi Otawara: I suppose not. I got that 80’s hair salon poster feel from it really.
Cienega Soon: Yeah its that kind of hair I guess.
Eshi Otawara: If the lips were red I’d run out of here right now, lol.
Cienega Soon: hahahaha


Eshi Otawara: Tell me about ICU
Cienega Soon: It is the cover of a childrens book I am writing. And then the 10 other pics are some of its ilustrations.
Eshi Otawara: Oh that one is a freebie!
Cienega Soon:The book will be out next summer.
Cienega Soon: Yes its free, lol.
Eshi Otawara: I like it best out of all the stuff hanging in here.
Cienega Soon: Well then you better take a copy.
Eshi Otawara: Cool, ty.

Cienega Soon: You’re welcome.


Written by E

December 13, 2007 at 4:29 am

4 Responses

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  1. So… can I ask.. do you have to feel something for every piece of “art” you look at to consider it art?


    stephen venkman

    December 17, 2007 at 5:49 pm

  2. I always say that “art” lays within the corresponding representation of it (i.e. art piece) in the form of harmony or disharmony of elements such as quality of rendering of a concept within a context. If a piece of work is in its ‘state of art’, it communicates to one who is to experience it, in this case- me- upon which I ‘feel something’ for it (i.e. experience it, understand it, react to it). Or not.
    If the concept and context are ambiguous (respectfully) and I don’t understand where to recognize the state of the art of a particular piece, I seek a demonstration/explanation from the author (if he/she/it is present and capable/willing). If seemingly (or apparently) disharmonious correlations of rendering quality and/or concept within a context remain to be ambiguous- I look at the elements separately and try to analyze them taking a literal approach to what is obvious to me. If the resulting judgment of that is not satisfactory to the person who authored the piece- they have a choice to either come up with an eloquent argumentative discourse about the piece (that is if they ‘care’ about it being understood by the observer) or they may choose to not do so. In both cases, the status of something being “art” or not is not in question, rather “good art” or “bad art”. So, if the “artiste” is not at least an artist “salesman”, chances are they won’t be able (as they say in my homeland) to “sell me bollocks for kidneys”. Naturally, if something is “bollocks” or “kidneys” is up to my subjective judgment, which anyone can choose to take as exemplary. Or not.

    Eshi Otawara

    December 18, 2007 at 6:52 am

  3. In other words: if it works in the gestalt view at first glance, it’s good… if not, then some analysis is needed, and the governing judge of the good and bad depends on your paradigm, i.e., whether it makes any sort of sense or beauty to you.


    December 18, 2007 at 7:51 am

  4. Well, whether I ‘personally’ consider something ‘good’ or not does depend on my subjective perception. In above conducted interview, I have not stated that it is *not* art simply because I haven’t personally experienced Cienega’s work to be communicating with me (or vice versa, for that matter). When I typed up “well it’s *not*” (art) that was a mere teaser on my part, I am a smartass. So alright, I am getting called up on it.
    I don’t think anyone has ultimate authority to *declare* something art or not art, though certain principles to whether something is art or not do apply- same as whether something is nutritious or not nutritious. However, there are enough hours in a day for quality discussions and my aim is to seek objectivity within self just as much as around me. As with all things, I always leave a 50% chance that I am wrong. If case such that readers might identify with me, great. If not, still great. There is nothing I wish to do to force-change opinions. Whilst I am aware of the fact my approach to this interview was rather straight forward demanding in a way (I asked Cienega to explain to me why I should care about her work), the fact I did not get an answer is perfectly alright with me and did not cause me to have any less respect for what she does. Overall, I did enjoy visiting the show of Cienega Soon.

    Eshi Otawara

    December 18, 2007 at 9:55 am

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