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Cienega Soon

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View the show here! (If you haven’t joined Second Life yet, you are missing out, btw.)

Cienega Soon

“Cienega has taken in the beauty of SL and all its talented artists
by taking Second Life Snapshots, but she calls them her SL photo Artistry.
Not having a background in doing post work with a computer program made it difficult to enjoy photo taking in SL as the screen snapshots are basically flat. Depth and layers were missing. Acquiring her first Photoshop program in August of this year she stumbled along experimenting with all its hidden tools. “Accidents are great when you do something exciting to a shot with a new found filter or mix of layers, but not remembering what you did to be able to do it again is very frustrating.” She says. But practice has produced other things and the accidents will happen again for sure. Cienega has her own small Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery with her second story gallery unadvertised. Although seen and received with interest, which brought her to her first showing out side her own gallery. She has just concluded her first invited month long showing at Fantazy Images.
Cienega is also a Music Journalist for The Looking Glass, A new weekly Lifestyle Magazine in SL”

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Written by E

December 13, 2007 at 4:29 am