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PORTFOLIO REVIEW- Layachi Ihnen (Layachi Hamidouche)

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I was very happy to see an artist requesting a review from me within an hour of me posting about being up for it upon request. And indeed a great surprise- a wonderful body of work out of which I pointed out 6 of my favorites. We communicated the best we could considering I don’t speak French. But the points came across. I am thrilled to have had the first call-in review to be an extraordinary experience, though reviewing was completely transformed into ‘reading’ and ‘experiencing’ than anything else. The ones I pointed out simply ‘spoke’ to me. I did not care too much for the rest, nevertheless- it’s a must see exhibit of a great volume by a mature and skilled artist. Enjoy!

SL Layachi Ihnen, RL Layachi Hamidouche- Painter, Digital Artist, retired Professor of Mathematics, avid chess player…and Second Lifer.
Born in Annaba (Algeria) in 1947.
The drawing and painting have occupied and still occupy much of his time.
Enrollment at the paintings’lessons to THE UNIVERSAL SCHOOL by correspondence of Paris (Boulevard Exelmans) . 1968-1969. First works in 1969. Several exhibitions in Annaba stake out its pictorial course.
In August 1996- Homage of the office for the culture of the city of Annaba. In June 2004-Selected by the internal Commission of the Biennial Internationale of the Contemporary art (Florence , Italy) to participate at 5th edition (December 2005). In June 2006- Homage of The Direction’s Culture of the city of Annaba.
Exhibits on the Web since June 2000.


Layachi Ihnen: Eshi ?
Eshi Otawara: Yes?
Layachi Ihnen: Come please.
Eshi Otawara: Yes… I am rezing. Moment.
Layachi Ihnen: ok !
Eshi Otawara: Come closer to me so I can take a picture. :)
Eshi Otawara: These are great.
Layachi Ihnen: Thank you ! There are other works behind these works and in the other place beyond the bridge…

Eshi Otawara: I will look at them for a few moments in silence- then we can talk about them. Layachi Ihnen: ok !
Eshi Otawara: Are they all your original work?
Layachi Ihnen: yes ! Painting and digital works…my web site…
Eshi Otawara: I see you have lots of influence from cubism and surrealism…
Layachi Ihnen: yes ! and symbolism ! On this side you see digital works…
Eshi Otawara: This side?
Layachi Ihnen: In front of you , yes !
Eshi Otawara: Yes…They are not fully digital though…are they? Mix?
Layachi Ihnen: mix ! yes
Eshi Otawara: You seem to have started with painting only, and decided to mix in digital process…how so? What made you do that?
Layachi Ihnen: I use my paintings and works on computer…
Eshi Otawara: Yes, but why do you use computer?
Layachi Ihnen: To do many things I cannot do with painting.
Eshi Otawara: Show me an example.
Layachi Ihnen: This bottom is conceived completely on computer.
Eshi Otawara: The bottom of this one was computer done? as in the floor she is sitting on- or the background? Layachi Ihnen: Yes the background too…and the texture of the clothing…and works on his face.
Eshi Otawara: Tell me does it have a ‘story’ behind it?
Layachi Ihnen: I think that if a painter could say the things with words, he would not have need to make some pictures!!!
Eshi Otawara: That is true.
[2:39] Layachi Ihnen: ON rl , I am 60 years old !
Eshi Otawara: I am 27. Tell me-do you ‘plan’ each painting or you just paint as you go…
Layachi Ihnen: In painting what is not planned is interesting.
Eshi Otawara: What colors do you use? Oils?
Layachi Ihnen: Oils , acrylics…
Eshi Otawara: Do you mix them?
Layachi Ihnen: Yes , oil on acrylic.
Eshi Otawara: …mixed?
Layachi Ihnen: Yes.
Eshi Otawara: In one painting….
Layachi Ihnen: In this painting , the glazes are with oil.
Eshi Otawara: Yes. It is not good to paint acryllic on top of oil, but oil on top of acryllic is ok.
Layachi Ihnen: Yes !
Eshi Otawara: What is this one about?
Layachi Ihnen: An explanation?
Eshi Otawara: Yes. Please.
Layachi Ihnen: I am not able to and don’t know how to explain my works with words. I think that a picture is like a mirror! who look at there , discovers something of him even that he ignored.
Eshi Otawara: Tell me-do you sell these as originals? Or prints?
Layachi Ihnen: On SL ?
Eshi Otawara: In RL.
Layachi Ihnen: on RL : Paintings are originals and digital works are print ! Please read the note card I sent you !
Eshi Otawara: LOL- yes I see-I asked if you made prints of these….
Layachi Ihnen: of paintings ?
Eshi Otawara: Yes.
Layachi Ihnen:No , but it is possible….
Eshi Otawara: Don’t do it. :)
Layachi Ihnen: I have never done it.
Eshi Otawara: Good. To me, when a good painting is made into 100 prints- it becomes like toilet paper. Any fool can ‘have’ it and art is not for fools walls.
Layachi Ihnen: Yes ! :)

Eshi Otawara:I love this one- this is you. A young man, in his sail boat. Looking forward, blowing into his sail towards the sun. Towards life.
Layachi Ihnen: I think that a picture is like a mirror! who look at there , discovers something of him even that he ignored
Eshi Otawara: He let go of the ‘motor’ and is relying on his sails. He is not scared at all
Layachi Ihnen: no !
Eshi Otawara: What does ‘coin du jour’ mean in English?
Layachi Ihnen: Corner of day.

Eshi Otawara: Ah. I read that as corner of day or maybe- perspective of life.
Layachi Ihnen: yes !
Eshi Otawara: Great painting!
Layachi Ihnen: thank you Eshi !


Eshi Otawara: In this one- I see 2 cultures merging…Man with guitar…and woman with….what is this? Sitar? No…What is she playing?
Layachi Ihnen: A lute.
Eshi Otawara: Yes. I forgot the word…Thanks. :)

Eshi Otawara: You play chess…
Layachi Ihnen: yes !
Eshi Otawara: He is playing against time.
Layachi Ihnen: Yes , against the time.
Layachi Ihnen: No hope to win.
Eshi Otawara: He could play any figure, it doesn’t matter which one, time took his pieces…
Layachi Ihnen: but he plays!
Eshi Otawara: And cast a shadow towards the viewer..threatening.
Layachi Ihnen: I appreciate your manner to read the paintings.
Eshi Otawara: :) What does ‘zugzwang’ mean? (pause)
Eshi Otawara: What does that word mean? (zugzwang)
Layachi Ihnen: It is a position of chees where it doesn’t remain anything anymore to make.
Eshi Otawara: OH, Checkmate!
Layachi Ihnen: No !
Eshi Otawara: No?
Layachi Ihnen: Yes.
Eshi Otawara: Yes, yes. :)) Is that planet Venus in the vase?
Layachi Ihnen: no ! It is an objet made with computer.
Eshi Otawara: :)
Eshi Otawara: Let’s go to the other side.
Layachi Ihnen: ok

Layachi Ihnen: We are in paintings side.
Eshi Otawara: Who is this man with the beard?
Layachi Ihnen: A face that I saw somewhere! not me ! :)

Eshi Otawara: OH!! It changed! Now there are 2 men in the sailboat…”L’arche des clones” Layachi Ihnen: Yes ! In “coin de jour” only one !The ark of the clones.
Eshi Otawara: And the water looks like dry earth..he is unsure of something..duality…the sun has only one ray… not sure which direction the boat is going…
Layachi Ihnen: Your reading of the paintings is pure poetry.
Eshi Otawara: :)…Thank You.

Eshi Otawara: Freedom.
Layachi Ihnen: “boats ”
Eshi Otawara: Yes. Barques-
Layachi Ihnen: Yes.
Eshi Otawara: In Croatian barques = barke…

Eshi Otawara: Looks like a freed prim.
Eshi Otawara: 2 barques are red…They escaped from those.
Layachi Ihnen: yes ! :)
Eshi Otawara: They broke the rules. That’s why they are red. And that’s why the forefront is cracked but it happened a long time ago- so we only see the rule-breakers on pieces of paper…as memory. The day they broke away was blue…. Layachi Ihnen: You are a poet in RL ?
Eshi Otawara: …now the sky is yellow…no. Not a poet. I am a painter. :)
Layachi Ihnen: a painter poet !!!!!
Eshi Otawara: :) There are so many ‘barques’…
[3:19] Layachi Ihnen: yes
Eshi Otawara: I wonder if they are all full…with dormant cubes… perrhaps they are.

Layachi Ihnen: you like the présentation of this gallery ?
Eshi Otawara: Yes. But there are some overlapping prims- which is a minor problem in this case. You built the gallery space?
Layachi Ihnen: yes !
Eshi Otawara: Fix the overlapping prims.
Layachi Ihnen: Overlapping prims ?
Eshi Otawara: Yes. Look here… see this brown floor? Under the painting…It is overlapping.
Layachi Ihnen: Yes ! I see !
Eshi Otawara: And it ‘flickers’…
Layachi Ihnen: ok
Eshi Otawara: So it is distracting…but it’s ok…in your case, I forgive you because the rest of the place makes up for it :) !
Layachi Ihnen: Thank you for forgiving !!!!

Eshi Otawara: Ha ha, you are welcome!

Eshi Otawara: Rien qu’un poete in English?
Layachi Ihnen: Only a poet.
Eshi Otawara: It looks like a throat of a poet to me…the ceiling of the hallway… on the inside wide open..yet there is nobody to ‘hear’ what goes through it. Oh, wait! One person in the corner. Is he playing an instrument?
Layachi Ihnen: A small poet !!!
Eshi Otawara: What is he holding?
Layachi Ihnen:Yes- a violin.
Eshi Otawara: He can hear the wind brushing that ceiling. And he plays it on his violin..Translates it into music. If I had the money I would buy it…

Layachi Ihnen: lol !
Eshi Otawara: I am serious.
Layachi Ihnen: You like this painting ?
Eshi Otawara: Yes. A lot. I ‘hear’ it. I’hear’ the violinist. I hear what he can hear…but…hee is holding his violin on his knee- he is not playing…he is listening! To silence in the giant hallway…
Layachi Ihnen: I adore to” hear ” you speaking…
Layachi Ihnen: it is the human condition
Eshi Otawara: The only thing is- the violinist……he is not sad that there is nobody there listening…I want to walk into it and dance the beat, so the violinist can play.
Layachi Ihnen: thank you Eshi
Eshi Otawara: Thank You. :)

Eshi Otawara: This one is great too. Le chemin seculaire.
Layachi Ihnen: a digital work
Eshi Otawara: What does that mean in English?
Layachi Ihnen: The centennial path
Eshi Otawara: Is this a portrait of someone you know?
Layachi Ihnen: Yes.
Eshi Otawara: Family?
Layachi Ihnen: No.
Eshi Otawara: She spent her life fighting something didn’t she? It’s her time to sit down.
Layachi Ihnen: Adorable reading !!!!

Eshi Otawara: I thank you for your time. The experience was great.
Layachi Ihnen: I thank you for your visit.

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